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“Ultra Beads III AKIREI BU301” is launched!

OSI CO., LTD. is pleased to announce the release of Ultra Beads III AKIREI (model: BU301), a superb 4K screen material that projects sharp beautiful images in living room.

AKIREI is a new addition to the OS SCREEN brand, which stands for the highest quality screens in Japan. Prior to the launch in Japan, we will be releasing a fixed frame projection screen PX.

The screen surface of the AKIREI is covered with microscopic optical lens glass balls of different sizes and is a retroreflective-type screen (Beads) finished with a unique coating. We have been working on the development of retroreflective-type screen (Beads)*1 since the 1990s, and Ultra Beads III AKIREI is the third generation of beads screen. AKIREI has concentrated its accumulated know-how and spent more than two years in trial and error to create a screen with technology and quality that is supported by its development history.

The gain of 2.02 lower than BU201 is the perfect value for avoiding the blown-up highlight, but higher gain than conventional BU202, which makes bright white expressions. The high gain projection screen generally struggles with black expression but the special coating of AKIREI reflects the true black and makes the dynamic image with a sense of depth. The high-definition expressiveness shows every single hair and grain of sand, and even gives a sense of three-dimensionality as if you could be able to touch it. The outstanding color effects are particularly good in cold colors, and the blue sky is particularly vibrant and refreshing, making it a screen that you want to keep watching.

Since the retroreflective type screen is not affected the ambient light or stray light, it can be enjoyed as the 2-way theatre suitable for the living room and the dedicated theater room.

With the recent changes in lifestyles, there is an increasing demand for enjoying a large screen in the living room as a family gathering. While projectors are getting brighter and brighter, the role of the screen is especially important to enjoy a large screen in the living room where it is difficult to completely block out the light.

AKIREI is ideal for enjoying movies, sports games, animation, and video games in the living room.

We propose this screen as a casual way to enjoy large screen entertainment.

In addition to PX, we are planning to release an electric type screen in the near future.

※1 Screen with the property that reflected light returns in the same direction as incident light.

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