Basic Policy of Safety and Health

Fiscal year 2018 OS Technology Division Headquarters formulate “Basic Policy of Safety and Health”
The OS Technology Division headquarters formulate safety guidelines in 2018 to aim to improve safety awareness to group companies including sales offices.

Recognition of OSG’s thought toward security and safety

Basic Policy of Safety and Health

We will ensure a safe and comfortable work environment, and always try to prevent and preserve preventable risk factors.
We also strive to prevent occupational accidents by the training of safety and health, working on safety and health activities.

Safety slogan

“Safety is attention, care and consideration!”

“Every staff in the field pays “attention” each other, look at people, goods, and things with ”care”, and act with consideration”
We raise this thought as a slogan.

Priority Goals

  1. Implementation of disaster prevention measures caused by unsafe behaviors
  2. Promotion of no disaster / no accident / safe behavior state
  3. Elimination of risk factors caused by people, materials and works.

Action Targets

  1. Share work content and procedures Go back to basics and eliminate waste and reduce risk factors by improving work efficiency.
  2. Hold the risk prediction meeting occasionaly Predict the danger, eliminate and share the danger (deficiency / negligence) by oneself.
  3. Check one’s health condition Enhance self-management awareness and strive to maintain mental and physical health.
  4. Talk and communicate to help each other Care about each other and check safety to avoid unsafe behaviors.
  5. 5S methodology-Sorting,Setting-in-Order,Shining,Standardizing and Sustaining the discipline Changing the way of thinking and behavior of individuals and picking up the danger early by paying attention to the surroundings.

Holding OS safety conference

We held a safety conference aimed at zero accidents and zero accidents.
OS Group held safety conference based on the basic policy in order to prevent accidents during work and to further raise awareness of safety among all employees and cooperating companies.
All employees and cooperating companies share the idea that emphasizing safety is the foundation and responsibility of corporate management and survival, and all employees and cooperating companies recognize that it is aiming for zero accidents and danger by further promoting safety activities.

Safety conferences and study sessions will be held at each office and each group company continuously.