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Becoming a 100-year company
Comprehensive AI(AV×IoE) system company that designs the society

OS Group was founded in 1953 with the manufacturing and construction of movie theater screens.

In 2024, after 71 years, as a development-oriented manufacturing creation company centered in Japan, we will further accelerate manufacturing that combines IoT and AI technologies with the keywords “remote,” “automation,” and “eco.” By analyzing and utilizing the collected information using AI, we will enrich people’s lives and take on the challenge of solving social issues.

Aiming to be a 100-year company, we will work together as One OS, which brings together manufacturing, sales, and technology, to realize our customers’ “feelings” with bold ideas while staying true to the basics. .

We will pioneer a new era as a comprehensive AI (AV x IoE) system company that designs the society in which people live.

OS Group representative
Masayuki OKUMURA