Environmental policy and safety measures

The OS group provides development, manufacture, sales and service of projection screen,
audiovisual peripheral equipment, control devices that can satisfy our customers.
Promoting this project, we act to satisfy the global environment.

  1. Promote environmental preservation activities through an environmental management system compliant with ISO 14001: 2015.
  2. Recognize the environmental aspects related to our activities, products and services, and make efforts to continuously improve environmental management systems and environmental performance and prevent environmental pollution.
  3. Observe legal requirements applicable to the organization’s environmental aspects and other requirements agreed to by the organization.
  4. We will address the following items as the priority theme of the environmental aspects involving our activities, products and services.
    1. We strive for product development and design considering LCA.
    2. We will make efforts to conserve resources (paper and screen fabrics) as we advance our business.
    3. We will strive to save energy (reduce electricity) to prevent global warming as we advance our business.
    4. We will reduce waste and do recycle.
  5. In order to achieve the environmental policy, we set environmental objectives and environmental targets, document them, implement them, maintain them, and evaluate their effectiveness through periodic management review.
  6. Make this environmental policy known to all of us working for our company or people woking for us and make it public in general.

OS Group representative
Masayuki OKUMURA

OS group supports Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

OS group efforts Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

As for handling of recycled paper

As stated in the above environmental measures, OS Group has also participated in initiatives such as “ISO 14001” and “Challenge 25” as a company that takes into account the global environment.
However, we are forced to revise paper resource conservation in environmental policy 4-2.
Thanks to the lies of the published value of the recycled paper recycling rate announced by a major paper company, there was a report from the paper company that the use rate of used paper was 0% even in the business card paper we used to use.
Since obtaining alternative recycled paper was not successful, we decided to remove the character of ‘Recycled paper’
from future business card reprints.
We will continue to promote the use of recycled paper for various types of paper in the future, but it is difficult to obtain it.
OS group will continue our environmental policy in the future, so please understand our situation.

About OS environmental safety label “SAFE E”

OS·Safe E is our original environmental safety label considered from the aspect of “safety” and “environment”. The label can be given to products that customers can use safely and have less environmental impact on materials, coatings, adhesives, etc., and are mechanically safe according to ISO 14001.

About VOC (volatile organic compound) correspondence

Selection of materials and chemicals necessary for making products is designed to deal with regulated values based on laws and ordinances.

About F☆☆☆☆(four-star mark)

This mark shows the classification of transpiration amount of formaldehyde based on the revised Building Standards Law.
We are working on F ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ compatible AV cabinet and painting processing (metal powder coating etc.) of metal parts.

About PSE (Product Safety, Electrical appliance and materials)

This certification obliges you to take measures to avoid the danger of electric shock when using electrical products.
Regarding OS-brand products, the electric screen is not subject to PSE as a result of the discription in statements and inquiries to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.