Established as a name of Okumura Shokai

Okumura Shokai, which was the predecessor of the OS group, had established in Sakai city, Osaka in 1953.

The founder and president of Okumura Shokai
Name: Shonosuke OKUMURA

Favorite words: Cherish the harmony among people.

Motto: Better to be a big fish in a little pond than a little fish in a big pond.

His parents passed away when he was 9-year-old, he had twists and turns, but his humble character and beliefs helped him to start a business when he was 26.
The history of the OS group begun with Screen manufacturing and installation work for theaters.

Company name changed to OS SCREEN CO., LTD.

1967: The company changed its name to OS SCREEN. The company name, “OS” to be created.

Registration of trademark, OS SCREEN

1968: The company registered of the Trademark: OS SCREEN according to the name change.

The opening of business office in Tokyo.

1971: OS SCREEN CO., LTD. opened the business office in Tokyo to expand market in the capital region.

Tokyo office in 1981

Tokyo office in 1984

Developed new screen: OHP screen

OHP screen was on sale, which was the foundation of expanding sales in Educational Market.

OHP Screen: CS-1515

Developed new product : TV hunger

1976: Over 40 years of our historical display hungers started here. It was initially designed to hung a box-like shaped TV.

Hungers for a TV tube

Osaka HQ was completed

1977: The company was based in Osaka.

Former headquarters

OS CO., LTD. was completed

1979: OS Kogyo CO., LTD. was established in Hirakata, Osaka.

OS Hirakata factory

Placed the first advertising signboard.

1980: The first attempt in the OS group to place an outdoor advertising signboard.

Developed new product : AV cabinets

1981: One of our major products, AV cabinets started developing as AV tables for CRT.

AV tables for CRT

Name changed to OS CO., LTD.

1988: The company changed its name to OS CO., LTD. from OS SCREEN.

1989: HQ Building

OS Yamazaki factory started operation.

1990: OS Yamazaki Factory started operation in Shiso City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Masayuki OKUMURA assumed the presidency.

1991: Masayuki OKUMURA, who was presently the group’s president, was appointed as the representative director.

The President of the OS groups, Masayuki Okumura

Developed the Pearl and the Silver screens.

1991: Developed the Pearl screens that received a high evaluation. Moreover, OS succeeded in developing the Silver screens as well.

Silver screens

Registration of company emblem

1997: Registered the company emblem as a trademark, which continues to the present day.


2000: HOMETHEATER CO., LTD. ,the predecessor of today’s OS+e CO., LTD., was established to accelerate the consumer business.

Developed “Pure Matte”, the fabric screens

2000: One of our major products, “Pure Matte” PVC-free fabric screen was developed and released.

Pure Matte II Magazine advertisement


2001: Opening the “HOME THEATER GALLERY” was the first attempt for Japan where OS had tried and opened in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo.

Home Theater Gallery

Established OSC CO., LTD.

2002: Established OSC CO.,LTD. in Guangdong Province, China.

Established OSC CO., LTD.

Established OSI CO.,LTD.

2002: OSI CO.,LTD. was established to expand the business and to provide OS products overseas.

Registration of Company Logo

2002: OS Logo was registered as the company logo for branding.

OS Kogyo CO., LTD. was moved to Shiso, Hyogo

2005: OS Kogyo, the factory of OS products, was moved from Hirakata, Osaka to Shiso, Hyogo, and started operations as the multifunctional base such as manufacturing, developing, and Logistic purposes.

2006: OSM CO., LTD. HQ


2006: NEXT JAPAN MARKETING CENTER CO., LTD. was established to intensify and to produce the synergistic effects in Researches and Developmental studies, Business Developments, and the Creation of Business models.


2007: OS OKINAWA KOKUBAN CO., LTD., the predecessor of today’s OSB CO., LTD., was established in Okinawa as a local corporation of the OS group.

OS Okinawa Kokuban Co., Ltd.

Developed and Improved “Display Hungers”

2009: Since TV hungers were developed, we have improved designs and qualities according to the progress of the displays.


Started up the Clean energy business

2010: Developed “Mobile Solar System” using a solar sheet, which was the start-up for clean energy business.

Solar prototype

Released a mobile solar system

“P selection”, a screen with a flat panel was newly developed.

2011: An electrical screen with a simple design and satisfied functions would be continuously the best seller product now and the past.

A long-selling screen: “P selection”

Established OSC CO., LTD. in Beijing, China

2015: OSC CO., LTD. in Beijing was established as a local corporation in China.

Founded “Making things: Dr.KidsKey Academy” for Child education

We brought the Dr.KidsKey Academy in the belief that contributing continuously in “Making things” as our responsibility.

Official Characters

Developed “REIRODORU”

2017: Developed the new material, “REIRODORU HF102” that would be OS SCREEN’s flagship product.

Advertisement of REIRODORU

“TP” Tab tension projection screen

Developed “Off-grid pole”

2021: The Off grid pole lights up the area of no-electricity zone with self-generated power.

Off-grid pole: TFX-3001S customized

Monitor illegal dumping

Started demonstration tests in Shiso city

2022: In Shiso city, we have launched demonstration tests using the Off-grid pole. Shiso city, OSM CO.,LTD., MIRAIT ONE Corporation, FUTABA CORPORATION and NIPPON ANTENNA Co.,Ltd. signed the agreement.

Signing ceremony held at Shiso City Hall

Smart city concept

Established OSB HOKKAIDO CO., LTD.

2022: OSB HOKKAIDO CO., LTD was established as a local corporation in Hokkaido. Aiming at providing community-based services.

We aim to become the Comprehensive AI (AV x IoE) system company and design the society in which people live.

“Making things” with IoT, AI integrated.
The OS groups aim to become an essential and required company in the society and to contribute people’s safe, secure and wealthy living.
We progress toward the centennial. We will provide better products and services to our valuable customers and contribute to the society through the products and services. We generously pursue the wealth of all employees who works together.