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WTP supporting vending machines are introduced in OSM

To support 「World Theater Project (WTP)」,which is a NPO partically helped by OS Group, 2 of WTP supporting vending mashines are installed at canteen and factory in OSM, and started to be used since 25th Feb.

Working with Kirin Company Limited, WTP is encouraging to install the WTP supporting vending machines.
When a beverage is bought from the vending machine, part of sales will be WTP’s assistance fundings to be indirectly used to send movies to children in developing countries.

We OSG has been supporting WTP since CATiC* time, however, we decided to introduce WTP supporting vending machines that all staff can buy beverage from, to send more movies to more children. It is highly appreciated if you would buy some drinks from the vending machine to support this project when you saw it.
*CATiC is a former company of WTP.

We OSG will continue to support activities of this World Theater Project.

Click here for detail (in Japanese)


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