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Solar sheet charger 3 sets are now on sale.

NJMC, the development division of OSG starts selling solar charger set which is a combination of solar sheet and battery on 11th March.

For the solar generation part, the solar sheet charger which was released in Nov.2018 with big impact, was adopted and for the battery,
water proof LED charger(GL-03,GL-02) which can be used as signal and lighting, lightweight compact bettery(TL72SK) also reliesed as three types combination (GN-100B1, GN-050B1, GN-050B2).at the same time.
All batteries have acquired a mandatory PSE which was implemented from February 2019.

After Fukushima 11th March 2011, natural disasters have been reported everywhere not only from Japan but also from the world every year.
For a knowledge at the time of a disaster, Self-help, Mutual assistance and Public assistance is said and today OSG introduce you this new solar sheet charger set especially as one of the self-help emergency supplies. To help yourself in case of disaster, it is important to secure electricity for information and communication electronics such as smart phone at the early stage, to tell that you are in danger and to secure lights in the dark to gain feelings of safe and safe surrondings.

Every set can be stored in the accessory bag and light-weight (less than 0.5kg) with excellent portability. For your eco-life with this product, it is an idea to utilize sunshine,a renewable energy, to generate power and charge it during daytime and use the electricity at night when it is not at the event of disaster. Also, it is suitable for outdoor events or picnics- it is totally up to you when to use this charger.

*Under Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act, the target electrical devices are required to meet this standard and the products which meets the standards are allowed to show PSE sticker on the product.

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