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  3. New release of solar sheet charger that can connect directly to various devices with USB

New release of solar sheet charger that can connect directly to various devices with USB

OS compact solar sheet which is known as 「Everywhere generator」has now become new!
New solar sheets are released by NJMC CO.,LTD. where is a developing devison of OS group, with its name of GN-050 and GN-100.
Our current compact solar sheets require that the electricity should be stored into battery once to make unstable sunshine stabIilized,however, the new solar sheet charger is innovative that can charge directly into USB devices such as smart phones and tablets.
As major disasters continue in recent years, three elements of self – help,mutual aid efforts, public assistance have been told as the basis of disaster prevention.
Especially at the early stage of such disasters, it is essential for us to prepare practical tools close to us for disaster prevention as self-help aids.
Now smart phones and tablets are considered to be information infrastructure and getting information at the time of disaster is one of the most important thing in the sense of securing lifeline.
What required the most here is to be able to use devices immediately at the site.
The GN-series are light-weight and compact enough to be carried with and hand-wind is possible as the thickness is only 1mm.
With eyelet finish, the solar sheet can be hung over the rucksucks etc.,used together with strings and carabiners and the direction can be changed to sunshine so that the efficiency will be better.
Our new solar sheets will be helpful in various occasions- not only when in disaster but also for long time outings or outdoor events.

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Solar sheet charger GN-050
Solar sheet charger GN-100

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