62nd year of Establishment, Third Foundation, Restructuring the Comapany Base

In 2014, the OS Group started taking various approaches to restructuring the company base with an eye on the coming 30 years.
One of these is to aim to be a “Manufacturing Service Company” and try to reach the goal of realizing our customers’ visions.

*We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your support and cooperation for the change of the fiscal year.

*In 2015, we are aiming for even better social contribution and customer satisfaction.
To achieve this target, we will forcus / concentrate on employees’ education wihin OS Group as it’s the third place for education.

We think that the first place for education is the home, the second is school, and the third is the company, from the fiscal year 2015, OS Group will implement “Corporate Philosophy” as a figure that the company should be and practice on.

It is said that “A company is its people”. OS Group is also driven by this maxim. Based on this corporate philosophy, our workforce will continue to strive to improve themselves and our customers’ satisfaction.

OS Group representative Masayuki OKUMURA

Corporate Philosophy

  1. To train and develop international business leaders and entrepreneurs.
  2. To train and nurture specialists and artisans to contribute to Japan’s development.
  3. To establish a succession that continues to support society.

Management Philosophy

  1. To be the most customer-oriented enterprise that provide products, good, and service to the customers’ complete satisfaction.
  2. To be an enterprise that contribute to society.
  3. To be an enterprise that aims to improve the lives of its employees.

Corporate Slogan

“I want this kind of audio–visual space.”
We will turn vague analog idea into digital systems.
This slogan want what I asked a copywriter for.
It is the word born in tour company from a worker.