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  3. Monozukuri Dr.KidsKey Academy-Fabrication lab in OS Group


Monozukuri Dr.KidsKey Academy-Fabrication lab in OS Group

Monozukuri Dr.KidsKey Academy-Fabrication lab in OS Group

Aiming to teach our Monozukuri(The basis of fabrication) for kids.

As OS Group is an AV system solution manufacturer, knowledge of architecture, electricity and communication is essential to perform related duties.
We consider that it is a responsibility for manufacturer to allow children to learn the basic of the fabrication and manufacturing applying those knowledges and understand the idea of maufacturing and structure of fabrication so that the activities can contribute to succession of fabrication in Japan and the fabrication lab in OS Group, Monozukuri Dr. KidsKey Academy, was started in 2016.

Preparation to open the academy

Before the academy was started, we listened to ideas from children.

June, 2016
「OS-method fabrication lab, Monozukuri school」was held in Kobe city, Hyogo.

November, 2016
「Monozukuri training school for new generation Dr. kids」was held for the first time in OS Tokyo.

Feburary, 2017
「Monozukuri training school for new generation Dr. kids」was held for three times running supported by Shiso city, Hyogo.

August, 2017
「Blackboard and whiteboard manufacturing trial session」was held in Okinawa prefecture.

November, 2017
「Monozukuri Dr. KidsKey Academy」was held in OS Tokyo for regular course school.

Regular course school in session

「Monozukuri Dr.KidsKey Academy」is now held every Wednesday at communication space in OS Tokyo in Ayase for children of 1st-6th grade.
The curriculum is well organized so that kids can achieve stereoscopic understanding from both soft and hard views.
In addtion, a tablet is given for each kid and it enables participant to manage school schedule, event calendar, attendance book, curriculum, learning progress, pictures of achievement and electrical manual using CG and live-action.

Future plan- To franchise

OS Group will show our school know-how in public near future. We will provide the educational system of 「Monozukuri Dr. KidsKey academy」for those who agree all the consistent process from basics to applied product to learn from. We wish the idea of 「Monozukuri Dr. KidsKey academy」would spread from Ayase to Japan and to the world in the future.

OS Group original “All-in-one package” curriculum system

Monozukuri Dr.KidsKey Academy