The history of my own with the OS group and challenges for the future with the OS group.

Production Div. Production Engineering Designing support


I have been working in this company for 7 years, since 2016 in Autumn. When I was a freshman, I was in charge of evaluating that other companies’ displays and projectors would be able to mount on our products such as display hungers and stands.
Currently, I am engaging in the assignment in Product development/designing support team, mainly drawing up handling manuals and configuration tables, considering specifications of packing, studying and preparing inspection sheets, and so on.

The history of my own with the OS group and challenges in the OS group.

Shortly after I joined this company, I had a complaint from a customer that a display could not mount precisely, even though I evaluated it was truly mountable. The matter was caused by a spacer, but I realized that I didn’t tell the customer that the spacer was essential for mounting. Eventually the display was mounted with the spacer and made the customer satisfied at the end.
It seemed like a minor affair but this experience brought me a consciousness that “There must be always valuable customers beyond my job.” Since then, I evermore picture customers while working, no matter big or small tasks.

My thoughts for the future ~ My future vision with the OS group ~

When I think about what I could do for SDG’s that passing resources down the generation of my children and grandchildren, I think that the Goal No.12:“Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns” is the one that I could manage.
Considering in concrete terms, reducing packing materials, switching paper manuals to the ones on the WEB in order to reduce paper resources, and developing products with renewable materials.

OS group progresses toward the centennial. What would you believe the OS group be in 30 years?

I put OS groups in thirty years into my imagination, the company will be worthy of love all over the world, the “OS” corporate logo will be seen everywhere, and will grow to contribute to the world.

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