The history of my own with the OS group and challenges for the future with the OS group.

Screen Manufacturing div. Manager


I’ve been working at OSM for 18 years, since July, 2005. My career as processing screen fabrics spanned years in the Screen manufacturing div., in the meanwhile I experienced procurement servicing and production controlling as a member of the Production control div.
Lately, I’m back to the Screen manufacturing div., and working on screen fabric production.

The history of my own with the OS group and challenges in the OS group.

In 2015, it was a challenging event to process the big-screen fabrics on site. I brought materials, machinery and appliances to the scene, and processed screen fabric and set the big-screen. That experience was my first challenge, I remember that I worked nervously, although I tried very prepared. My feeling softened after completing the processes, and I was proud when receiving appreciative words from the customer. Afterwhile, machinery and appliances become well-organized, and we have a solid track record of the screen fabric processing. Nowadays, the screen fabric processing on site with proven technology is our strong point.

My thoughts for the future ~ My future vision with the OS group ~

We have a greater opportunity to touch new things that make our lives easier, AV solutions will be mutated so fast as well.
I won’t be left behind but move toward, go a lot further. I would like to involve developing and manufacturing projection screens.

OS group progresses toward the centennial. What would you believe the OS group be in 30 years?

When I joined this company more than decade ago, the clean energy business didn’t exist, but now the business became one of principal ones and is still growing, like a pillar to sustain the company. In 30 years, I believe there will be more pillars to sustain and support the company.

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