The history of my own with the OS group and challenges for the future with the OS group.

Spatial design sales div.


This is my second year career in OS CO.,LTD., I joined this company in April, 2022.
I’m attached to the sales division of Spatial design, where to construct an idea of a video system. In particular, offering suggestions, making sales and planning to organize projection mappings are ones that I involved with.

The history of my own with the OS group and challenges in the OS group.

I delivered one of our products to a new-built hotel that was the most memorable point for me. For the very first time I saw the hotel, which was just under the construction. Concrete walls and ceilings were for what they were. However, I was impressed when the construction was completed, and I saw that our solution, which joined forces and worked together, was actually operating.
Currently, I keep studying and aim to assume consistent commitment by myself.

My thoughts for the future ~ My future vision with the OS group ~

Not just AV system solutions the metaverse also evolves together with times, our eyes will be opened to new things. In the evolving world, I have a faith to keep myself evolving and studying.

OS group progresses toward the centennial. What would you believe the OS group be in 30 years?

The company that strives challenging something new and evolving.

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