The history of my own with the OS group and challenges for the future with the OS group.

Akita Branch office Supervisor


It’s been a decade since I joined the company. My duty is to supply products and to provide services to the customers in the area that I’m in charge of. I wear a protective helmet on occasion when deliver products to building sites.

The history of my own with the OS group and challenges in the OS group.

My challenge is just now on-going. OS offices are usually located in regional hub cities, but my work place is in Akita pref. where is a way apart from the cities. Moreover, my sales area includes the north part of Japan, Aomori, Akita and Iwate prefectures seriously has been reducing population.
I think that opening the Akita branch office under such a difficult circumstance was a big challenge for both OS and me. The OS Akita branch office is supported by valuable customers, we gladly reach our three year.
The OS Akita branch office would like to express to you our gratitude through our products, and we keep challenging to be the office that never forgets the feelings of gratitude.

My thoughts for the future ~ My future vision with the OS group ~

Life would be easier with useful things, and AV systems improve and keep evolving as well.
According to the evolution, I also keep studying and updating my knowledge as my motto of “Study no matter how old you are”.

OS group progresses toward the centennial. What would you believe the OS group be in 30 years?

OSG will be a company that feels familiar and more realistic to customers and have more passion.

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