The history of my own with the OS group and challenges for the future with the OS group.



It’s been 16 years since I joined this company in September, 2007. I had worked for 15 years as a member of the Contact center where placing and receiving orders, entering order information into the system, and Bill issuing. From October, 2022, I have the honor to be a manager of the Business promotion section to control three different sections including the Business promotion section.
Moreover, my duty in the Data Base Strategy is “Registration and Management our OS group Main business processing system.

The history of my own with the OS group and challenges in the OS group.

We had a series of misfortune that some of the colleagues resigned in a row, and the rest of members had a difficult time taking over the duties. At that time, all inquiries needed to process seeking the information from the past records one by one, so we had worked very single day.
The biggest issue to solve was the Work efficiency and the Individualization in regular tasks, therefore we made rules to share customers’ information and the handling manual for phone calls to improve work efficiency.
This experience brought me the change to values for way of working, “Work individually” to “Work as a team”. How we manage to support customers as a team. We focused on the role-sharing, the work-sharing and the OJT (on-the-job training). The effort born fruit now in the work environment for all members without troubling our valuable customers.

My thoughts for the future ~ My future vision with the OS group ~

The Contact center has connections with customers directly in phone calls and mails. We appreciate customers’ voice and aim to consult customers with appropriate products in suitable situation. We will correspond with customers solving any issues, and our goal is to find potential demands and a clue for leads from persistently long tail partners.

OS group progresses toward the centennial. What would you believe the OS group be in 30 years?

The Company, which introduces and continues to challenge to new things.

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