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Sponsored mountain climber Ken Noguchi’s 2019 Manaslu peak expedition

OS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka, Representative: Masayuki Okumura) will sponsor throughtout the group companies for the Manaslu peak (Nepal 8163m elevation) expedition by mountain climber Ken Noguchi in the fall of 2019.

Mr.Ken Noguchi has been conducting cleanup activities in Nepal since 2006, and has been engaged in social activities such as the “Let’s make a school in the Himalayas” project and the “Let’s make a forest in the Himalayas” project in Sama village. In this expedition, “Manasul and Mt. Fuji will be cleaned simultaneously” and the school will be visited in Sama Village.

The OS Group has been actively working on clean energy business based on solar energy.
We agree with Mr. Ken Noguchi’s activities and want to contribute to the activities by providing clean energy products with the aim of supporting power supply through the Manaslu expedition and the unelectrified areas of Sama Village.

Offering products

54w mobile solar set

Overview of Manaslu peak expedition

Manaslu is the only mountain among the 14 8000m peaks that the Japanese team successfully climbed for the first time, and boasts the eighth highest elevation in the world. Mr. Noguchi conducted cleaning activities in 2006 and 2009. In the spring of 2009, he tried to climb but he gave up due to bad weather.
In autumn 2019, the challenge will be the first climb after 10 years.
This time, Manasul and Mt. Fuji will be cleaned at the same time, and the multipurpose hall will be inspected in the “Let’s make a school in the Himalayas” project in Sama Village. We are also planning to check the status of the seedlings planted in the “Himalayan Forest Creation Project”.

The significance of this project

The significance of this project is to make everyone who wants to live their full life through “challenge to their own potential” feel the importance of having a dream and challenging it.
(Excerpt from Ken Noguchi’s 2019 activity plan)

Profile of Mr.Ken Noguchi
Ken Noguchi
Alpinist, special invited professor at Asia University
Director of NPO Peak Aid
Profile of Mr.Ken Noguchi

In 1999, he succeeded in climbing Everest, and at the age of 25 he established the world’s youngest summits records on the seven continents.
In 2000, he began cleaning activities at Mt.Everest and Mt. Fuji.
Since then, he has been actively tackling environmental issues, such as opening “Ken Noguchi’s environmental school” for elementary and junior high school students nationwide.
He also conducts social contribution activities such as the “Sherpas Fund”, an educational support program for Sherpa children who have lost their parents or one parent in alpine accident, and school construction and forestation in the Himalayas .

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